Travelnoia, your holiday inspiration

A new way to search for holiday destinations

Traditional searches on travel websites require you to enter the destination you are searching for, but how do you choose where you want to go? Sometimes that first step is not so easy and you need a little inspiration. Travelnoia helps you answer that question.


Photo by Deanna Ritchie @deannaritchie

What is Travelnoia?

Travelnoia is a holiday destination search engine based on your requirements and needs. You may want to go to a place that is a certain distance from your home, that has a certain climate, with certain basic activities for you, etc.

Travelnoia is ideal for you if:

  1. You are not satisfied with just going to typical destinations that have been known forever
  2. You are open to discovering new places
  3. You know what you like to do on your holidays
  4. You want to streamline the process of choosing your holiday destination.

Advantages of Travelnoia

  1. Discover new destinations that would not have occurred to you
  2. Save time choosing new places for your next holiday
  3. A large database made up of recommendations from travellers around the world.
  4. You can compare destinations around the world.
  5. Infinite possibilities for customisation. Select all the requirements, needs, topics, activities you need and combine them until you find the right place.

Personalised results

Among the possibilities for customisation you will find:

  • Selection of travel distance by car and/or plane from your home.
  • Climate of the destination on the dates of your trip
  • Sea temperature on the dates of your trip
  • Travel themes: cultural, romantic, nature, beach, city, etc.
  • Type of entertainment: tourism, shopping, nightlife, etc.
  • All kinds of sports

You can select all the options you want and Travelnoia will suggest destinations that meet your requirements based on the recommendations of other travellers.